About Me

me and my socks :))

Welcome to Maps and Notes, my name is Ana, the travel blogger at your service.  I am currently juggling my life as an expat in Dubai, a bookworm, a traveler and of course, beloved girlfriend to Kenneth – who happens to be my travel buddy most of the time.

What type of traveler am I?

YOLO is engraved in me, living my life to the fullest is my main life goal.  As a traveler, I consider myself as a budget traveler, more focused on nature, history of the place and of course, a food junkie. I love to experience new things.

I prefer private rooms when checking for hotels, and very patient in looking for cost-efficient ones. I seldom go for the 4 or 5-stars, there are lots of hotels/hostels/B&B out there that can offer you the best experience in the country. I usually use www.booking.com and Airbnb in checking accommodations, and sometimes, I go for apartments recommended by local friends.

I’d rather have D-I-Y tours, but you’ll see me going with private tours as well sometimes (like Georgia) if I think it’s the best option. I happen to enjoy planning beforehand, I read thousands of blog tours, comments in “Tripadvisor”, “Lonely Planet” and collect itineraries from packaged tours and customize it for my own.

As you will see on my articles, I am flexible with how I plan our tours, which I guess is any travelers’ attitude is.

I hope my blog helps you in your next travel, and if you have any more questions about my posts, just drop me a comment. Have a safe travel everyone! 🙂