Dubai – Legoland Water Park

Legoland Dubai is one of the newest attraction in Dubai, UAE. Located just past Jebel Ali, along with Bollywood Parks and Motiongate Dubai, they complete the largest theme park in the country – Dubai Parks and Resorts.

One of the main attraction of Legoland Dubai is Legoland Water Park which is open 11:00 am – 5:30 pm. One day admission to Legoland Waterpark is 240 AED and the annual pass comes at 995 AED per person and already includes a pass to Legoland Dubai as well, (yes, separate entrance for Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park). There’s an ongoing promo for annual pass holders as well that they can bring 1 buddy for free at Dubai Water Park until January 2017. You can buy their ticket here:

Going to Legoland, you have to park to one of the largest parking space I have ever seen. From there, you have to take a bus that will take you to Legoland. You will even pass by the romantic ambiance of Riverland Dubai.




Though it is January, the weather is warm and sunny. A perfect day for a swim. As expected to the only theme park designed for families with kids, the park is very lively and full of colors.  Welcoming you in the entrance is a giant Lego wave and the Joker Soaker.



On the left are lockers you can rent to keep your things. However, we opted to take our bags with us near the pool. Dubai as always is a safe place and leaving your things unattended, though not recommended is still okay. You can also rent cabanas if you prefer having your private hut/cottage.

We decided to leave our bags on chairs just front of the wave pool and started our fun. But first, I can’t help but take advantage of this colorful chairs!



Then, we decided… or… I was forced to try the slides. First one is the Lego Slide Races, where you have to lie on your stomach on a rubber mat and to slide head first. Not recommended for first timers like me (and who doesn’t usually do slides and rides)– I actually hesitated for 15 minutes and have to let my companions go first, but congratulations to me, I was able to do it on their second round. Honestly, it is more the fear of trying it than actually doing it. It was scary when I am waiting my turn, but when I’m already sliding, it’s actually fun! (Did I actually admit that?! Yes!) However, one try is enough for me! Haha! (Disclaimer: Please correct me if slides’ names are not what is actually shown in the picture, I just tried searching for their names online)

Through fear, one thing that encouraged me is that all slides are allowed for children (within the height limit). I can see kids around the age of seven excitedly waiting their turns (while my knees are shaking) and add to the fact that everywhere I look, there are tons of lifeguards on standby.

The second slide we tried is Splash-n-Swirl where Kenneth and I rode double. Apologies, I don’t have pictures here as GoPros and other cameras are not allowed. BTW, here are the pool rules:

20170120_164835 (480x640).jpg

We also tried the Build-a-Raft River, where you can just float peacefully for awhile (Kenneth expectedly got bored on it while I enjoyed the relaxation). Then we went for Red Rush where you can ride out along with 2-3 friends. On the way back to wave pool, we even enjoyed building our own boat to race.


Build-a-Raft River



In total, there are almost 20 water slides and 1 wave pool the families can enjoy. From here, you can check their complete slides and poll and other details:


Near the exit/entrance, there’s a souvenir shop where you can buy keychains and other else take with you home. Keychains range from 15 AED to 30 AED, we bought this cute Lego Keychain for 60 AED – 3pc. I even bought a lego bag for my nephew 🙂

Before going back to the parking lot, we took our timewalking by the Sunset in Riverland.



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