Singapore Tour

The Republic of Singapore, also known as the Lion City happens to be 3 hours away from the Philippines. From Dubai, we decided to take a 3 day stop over to Singapore going to the Philippines. We took Singapore Airlines as they are the best airline (in my opinion) to accommodate our itinerary; Dubai – Singapore -Philippines – Dubai.

We arrived May 12, 2016 at around 7:00am (30 minutes earlier) at the Changi Airport. We prioritized looking for the EZ tourist card for the unlimited 3 day train pass. We were advised that we can buy it in the airport. However, we weren’t able to find one in the airport (is it our disorientation??? Haha) so we decided to just take the taxi to our hotel (Fragrance Hotel, Lavender) which costs us around 60SGD (too much for a regular taxi, regular taxi should only cost around 20SGD, however, we have 2 baggages of 35kg we have to take with us thus we were provided with a “van” taxi). Fragrance Hotel (and most hotels) have storage rooms where you can securely leave your things while waiting for your check in time. As our check in time is still 3 in the afternoon, we left our bags and went our way. We are determined not to waste any spare time we have. But without the train pass, we had a hard time going too far. Good thing we are enjoying the view.


The ticket office for the EZ card is yet to open at 11:00am and it is only 8:00am. So we decided to walk around and find ourselves in Bugis where we had our breakfast (some noodles I can’t remember the name. But here’s me trying my best to choose the yummiest one.)


It is in Bugis we found hundreds of souvenir stores at a very reasonable prices so we marked this place to stop by again. At Around 10am, we entered Bugis Junction Mall and was surprised that most stores are not yet opened. We’re running out of SGDs we initially exchanged in the airport and we still haven’t gotten our train pass 😦 .  Later we found out that mall hours usually start at 10-11am and closes at around 10pm.

When we finally had our train pass, we proceeded to meet my good college friend in Marina Bay Sands. As this was our first try to get in the train, we found their train system a bit confusing. Compared to Dubai’s “two color” train system, Singapore has maybe around six, from red, yellow green and other color that got me a bit dizzy at first. However, when you get the concept of it, you’ll appreciate their train system, where most of the tourist spots are near the train stations. Having the train map copy at hand will be a great help! The EZ Pass card usually have this so I recommend to keep it with you.


It was raining when we finally reached MBS, but my friend told me that rains during these months are usual and only lasts for 30 minutes or so, so we didn’t worry much. Embarrassingly, we get off Marina Bay Sands Station instead of Bayfront (as Bayfront is nearer to MBS). Nice try for our first train ride! haha! While waiting for my friend, Kenneth and I went around The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands where we did some window shopping 😀 On the left side of the mall, there’s a good view of the MBS and the Merlion on the other side of the river (or lake? I am not really sure and too far for my liking) As assured to me, rain had stopped soon and the sun had greeted us.

Along with my friends, we walked our way to our planned destination. Bypassing MBS, we walked going to Gardens by the Bay. From the Shoppe, you have to just pass through the very steep escalator and you’re on your way inside MBS. The walk was itself an exceptional experience. The view is amazing and mouth dropping from the bridge going to the garden.

As you can see, a lot of patience and skills is needed to get some good shots as there are lots of tourists like us along the way. (Clearly, we do not have both! LOL)

It is my plan to go inside the Flower Dome, as I have heard they have recently opened a tulip garden. As these are my favorite flowers, I wouldn’t miss it in the world. The SuperTree Grove is along the way and Cloud Forest is just beside Flower Dome. It is a highly recommended tourist site as well, but my focus are the tulips so forgive me if I didn’t paid them much attention (I promise to see them when I come back) The SuperTree Grove is highly recommend to be visited at night to appreciate the artistic lights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Afterwards, we went back the The Shoppes to have our lunch at Din Tai Fong and have a bit of rest. Once our energy were renewed, we went straight to Harbour Front station to Sentosa. We had our mandatory shot at the Universal Studios Globe then walk more to look around. As we only have 3 days here, we opted out going inside Universal Studios as this may take a whole day which our itinerary cannot afford.


Our day ended up saying goodbye to my good friend with a promise to meet in the next few days in the Philippines. It was a tiring day, our feet hurts and we’re still hungry but it was so much fun!


On our next day, we woke up late, (due to tiredness!). So with a hurry, we took the train to Caldecott for our next destination – the McRitchie Nature Trail for the treetop adventure. An unexpected 5km trek with my converse shoes was done. Along with the rain, it was not getting good for me. But the trek itself is making up for it.

When we reach the treetop itself, it was again me back at the Temple of Dawn in Thailand. Knees shaking, it was just my pride that won’t let me get down on my knees and crawl my way to the other side. Or maybe, it was the thought of seeing what is down that made me continue standing haha!  It was too high, the Treetop Walk is a 250m suspension bridge. It was too much for my heart to take. On the other hand, my beloved boyfriend is having the time of his life and left me all alone to do his own selfies..grrr!

I aplogize, I dont have pictures in the middle, I can’t do it anymore LOL

Here are our pictures going back:

We had our lunch in Red Dot Bugis, highly recommended by another good friend. Red Dot is a hawker style food court which offers Korean, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Singapore food. For me, the best place in Singapore!!! My new favorite place 🙂


Though dead tired from the trek, that didn’t stop us from meeting my high school friends who are now all residing there. They took us near the Merlion and had our mandatory shots of course. But other than the Merlion which is the famous landmark of Singapore, it is the nostalgia of being with my high school friends that made the night. It is really not all about the places, but the people you are with. Before we end the night, we had some coffee in Starbucks, where we have the perfect view of the MBS at night.

On our third day, our last day, May 15 – we went to places we missed like Supertree Grove. It was still closed so we weren’t able to climb the OCBC Skyway 😦 The viewing deck in MBS is still closed as well when we arrived thus we didn’t bother going up anymore. We also went back to the Merlion to see the Merlion under the Sun and have our polaroid pictures taken 😀


Sentosa Pictures:

Our feet are in their breaking point at this time so we decided to go home. But first, we stopped by at Red Dot in Bugis (yes, this will be the third time here) to have our lunch. Then went straight to our hotel to have our rest. After our much sought out rest, we took our bags to the airport. It was sad living Singapore, but as we are on our way to the Philippines, it was replaced by our excitement in finally going back home.



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