Thailand – day 4 – Bangkok

We decided to spend our last whole day touring Bangkok. This time, we are now familiar with their BTS maps and have seen Bangkok a lot but only through passing.

We started our day looking for breakfast as we went out very early. As it is weekend, it is recommended to start your Bangkok tour as early as possible (go and meet the sunrise!) as tourist places tend to be too crowded late morning and onwards.

DSC_2667 (640x424)
Sunrise upon the Grand Palace in Bangkok

We went to our first temple hungry. We came at Wat Pho too early for their opening time, this is where you could find thousand of Buddha images and the famous Reclining Buddha, which measures 46m long. The ticket booth is still closed but the nice person taking care of the temple allowed us to enter to start roaming around and asked us to just come back later to pay. The temple where the Reclining Buddha lies is still close, so we spent our time waiting by going around.

I would love to incldue all the Buddha images we found but that’s too much for my lazy day haha!

Even if it’s just exactly opening time, there is already a line forming to enter the temple. But the wait is not that long and finally, we are face to face with the majestic Buddha.


Our next stop is BREAKFAST! My buddies don’t have the energy anymore to smile in the photo, thus breakfast is the next most important stop. Walking distance from the temple is where we found our breakfast and the best fried bananas I have ever tasted! I would come back to Thailand just to taste them again.

Our next planned stop is the Grand Palace, a walking distance from Wat Pho. However, we have arrived at around 11am and it was already crowded, and spending 500 baht per head to enter the palace made us think it’s not worth the hassle. SO we just took some photos outside.

Our next stop is Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn. In my previous posts, we have already seen the temple tower in passing. But this one is one of the top destinations in Bangkok, famous for its very steep climb. To get there, we have to take the ferry to cross the river. The ferries are located just at the right side of the Grand Palace.

The climb was frightening and knee-shaking. The stairs are too steep that they even put a rope in the stairs for support. But worry not, though my trembling feet and palpitating heart may not agree, the climb is worth it. Up high, you will have a 360 degree view of the city.

And that my friends is how our Thailand Tour ended! Well… a lot more food tripping then off we went.

Thailand was my first out of the country tour, Dubai and Bahrain not counted as I am here for work. It was a super fun experience and never regretted any penny and time for it. Hopefully I could come back, to explore the country more, maybe go far north now, or I could just go there just to eat those food again!


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