Thailand – Day 2- Kanchanaburi Day Tour

From Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, we decided to take the bus at the Southern Bus Terminal going to Kanchanaburi just for experience. But I suggest you just take the minivan from Victory Monument for convenience. We took the taxi from our Hostel to the Southern Bus Terminal. Unfortunately, knowing we are tourists, the taxi drove us in circles. We realized this as we have presaved the map going to the terminal and through GPS noticed that we’re just going around the area and not going near our destination. So I think it is better to take the minivan as I think it is a safer option.

Going to Kanchanaburi, tickets can be bought outside, in front of the Kanchanaburi bus. Travel will be around 1 to 2 hours, though we didn’t notice it that much as we are all sleeping on the way haha!

From Kanchanaburi terminal, we rented a Song Taew (a bigger version of Tuktuk) for our whole trip in Kanchanaburi. I recommend to rent one instead of DIY as tourist spots are very far from each other and the drivers could help you a lot decide which place to go first.

From the terminal, it is a long trip to our first destination. But definitely fun. Long road with greens on the side made me miss home.

20150206_110827 (800x600)
The place reminds me so much of the Philippines, even the smell.

Our first stop is Death railway or the Burma Railway. The railway was built in 1943 by the Empire of Japan and was constructed through forced labor with thousands of deaths recorded. Thus, the name death railway.

Along the way, there are lots of market stalls, selling food and souvenirs. You can buy Thailand shirts here at a cheap price. On the railway itself, you could walk it and take some nice shots. There’s also a shrine across the railway.

DSC_2372 (800x530)
The place reminds me so much of the Philippines, even the smell.

We had our lunch on our next stop. We were dropped by the driver to a local restaurant, but didn’t enjoy it much honestly. But the restaurant is beside some shops for spicy tamarinds and other dried fruits. You better buy here as they are so much cheaper than those in Bangkok. Across the street is one small falls, I can’t remember the name. We took some pictures in the falls and the old train just for fun. But I think the boys enjoyed the food more.

DSC_2448 (800x530)
For the long road ahead… literally

Our next stop is Hellfire Pass

Hellfire Pass (Thai: ช่องเขาขาด, known by the Japanese as Konyu Cutting) is the name of a railway cutting on the former Burma Railway (“Death Railway”) in Thailand which was built with forced labour during the Second World War, in part by Allied prisoners of war. The pass is noted for the harsh conditions and heavy loss of life suffered by its labourers during construction. Hellfire Pass is so called because the sight of emaciated prisoners labouring at night by torchlight was said to resemble a scene from Hell This is my most favourite part. It involves lot or walking, trekking and mostly half of your day’s energy, but definitely worth it. The serenity, peacefulness and richness of its history makes this place nostalgic in a way.- Wikipedia

We bought our entrance fees at the museum where they have a presentation of the Passage’s History. I recommend you to watch this as knowing how the passage was made will make your trek more worthwhile. It would also help you understand the shrines you would pass along the way.

DSC_2460 (800x530)
There’s also a veranda where you could see a bird’s eye view of the area.

If you want this to be included in your itinerary, be prepared for long walks as this is a trekking route and it’s not a smooth one, so prep up with your sneakers or trekking shoes. As there are lots of batches going through the pass, you have to wait for the perfect time to take solo pictures with the pass.

DSC_2468 (530x800)
Warning Ahead!


Ourlast stop is the Bridge over River Kwai, a part of the death railway and got famous from a famous movie and novel, though haven’t heard of the movie :/  Below are the tourist attractions you could find here.

DSC_2533 (530x800)

We passed by the Jeath Museum very quickly then went straight to the bridge to take our pictures. Afterwards, we did some street food hopping as we call it. Yeah… we’re really here for the food.. hahaha!

We went back to Bangkok earlier than expected, so we decided to check on Paragon Mall. Below the stations are lots of clothes stall, (my favorite) cute dresses for very cheap prices (my heaven) so the girl in me decided to have fun with the boys sulking beside me! Streets are very crowded during weekends so prepare yourself and be warned of pickpockets.

DSC_2564 (530x800)
Paragon Mall

We took some pictures in Paragon Mall. I heard it topped as the most instragrammed place once and I just can’t help myself be part of the number. We also realized that they have cheaper prices compared in Dubai, sadly, we do not have enough budget to do some shopping.

After a tiring but very productive day, we went back to our hostel, with beer and food in hand, preparing ourselves for our much needed sleep and another day ahead 😀


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