Thailand – Day 1 – Ayutthaya Day Tour and Khao San Road

Part 1 – Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya (อยุธยา), full name Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya (พระนครศรีอยุธยา), is an ancient capital and modern city in the Central Plains of Thailand, 85 km north of Bangkok. It is the Capital City of the Province of this name. – Wikipedia

We took the BTS, From Ploenchit BTS to Victory monument. We walked through the

Victory Monument

“skywalk” until we reached the stairs (beside entrance of Victory Mall), upon descent, walk back from skywalk and you’ll immediately see the line of minivan going to Ayutthaya. Minivan costs 60Baht each and takes 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Major Warning: Drivers stop you on a tourist trap where tuktuk drivers are waiting and will try to engage with you at a very high price. They’ll offer you 750baht per head for the whole tour or more. Unfortunately, we are one of many that got trapped 😦 We declined these trappers and walked until we find a tuktuk that can take us three for 150baht/hr. We started the tour at 10am.


Our first stop…

Wat Chaiwatthanaram, entrance fee: 50baht

You can climb the very steep temple tower (there are different names for every type of towers but I can’t remember them.. haha, so I’ll just refer to all of them as temple or towers :D). Many tourists climb this so you won’t have enough moment for yourself to take selfies or enjoy the top. My recommendation: Go around the temple, on the left side part you will see the same steep stairs where you could have it for yourselves. Though not the same view as you’ll see from the first one, taking a selfie here is worth the climb.


There are keychain souvenirs at the entrance being sold, I suggest you check them as they’re cheaper than those in Bangkok. Here’s what we bought:

Cute TukTuk Keychains- 100 baht for 10 pcs

Second Stop, Reclining Buddha, no entrance fee

Third is the “elephant camp” where you could ride an elephant for 15min around the area. As it is noon time and the sun is against us, we didn’t take the elephant ride.

Then our driver took us at Wihan Phramongkhon Bophit.


Adjacent to the temple lies Wat Phra Si Sanphet, entrance fee: 50 baht

More Pictures:

Then we headed to our lunch which was recommended by our driver. And this for me is the best dine in experience I ever had in Thailand. It’s a simple eatery. Not that famous I guess. Very quiet and it’s beside the river. It has this country ambiance in it and the food are delicious- Freshly cooked and all. It cost us 980 baht for the food here. But we don’t care. It’s all worth it.

Here you can see a Catholic church across the river as well.

We had fish in tamarind soup, which is superb!!! Papaya salad is heavenly! I would return there just to try it again. Some fried chicken and rice. It satisfied our very hungry stomach and tired feet.

Back to our tour, we went to Wat Mahathat (entrance fee: 50 baht). Here, you could find the famous Buddha head overgrown by a fig tree.
Our last stop is the Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon (Entrance fee: 20 baht) Enjoy another reclining Buddha, and rows and rows of Buddha covered in yellow cloth.

Besides taking pictures of you climbing the nth steep stairs for the day, you may as well enjoy the top with the 360 view of the province. This is definitely pictures taken by Kenneth as for the life of me couldn’t even walk properly up high.


Outside, there are lots of souvenir shops you can check. Again, I suggest to buy some souvenirs here as they are much cheaper than those in Bangkok… and… Bargain.. A LOT!

We have spent 4.5 hours in Touring Ayutthaya. And we didn’t rush that much. TO reach home, we asked our driver to take us at the Minivan terminal to Bangkok so we headed there afterwards to return to Bangkok. It’s more comfortable taking the minivan as it’s not that much crowded and you could sleep on the way back for much needed rest. We need this as we still have plans for the night. 😀

Part 2 – Khao San Road

At home, we just took a quick shower to head on our next destination. The famous Khao San Road. We’re not much prepared hereon. I’ve only read that it’s a famous night life street and taxi can charge you so much! So we took the BTS again to the pier for the Chao Phraya River Boat Express. From there, we ride the Chao Phraya River Express (must-try). The trip was fun since we could see some views as well.

My favourite is the night view of the Wat Arun.

From the terminal stop, we walked until our feet hurts. Good news is, we reached  the Silom Street. It’s a noisy and busy street, that I can say! Not my place actually, but hey, I got 2 boys who are already jumping beside me. It’s a place for those who like a good night drinks.

But, I must say, here, I found the best Pad Thai in Town here!
There’s some exotic street foods as well, these were even featured in Streetfoods Around the World in National Geographic Channel

But still nothing beats Thailand’s street foods!

We also checked one street, which is more peaceful compared to Silom. Just across the street of Silom. For those who preferred a quiet dinner in the street of Bangkok, go here instead. Since I’ve had some giddy kids with me, we returned to Silom and had our dinner there.

Going back, we walked the way we had earlier, then took the taxi from there as the river express is already closed.

Day 1 ends here, Day 2 will be to Kanchanaburi, have a good night sleep 🙂


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